Wild to the beat is a human-horse-Fantasy horse rpg you may have as many ceritors as you wish and this is a NO CUSSING SITE IF TALKING TO ANOTHER PLAYER you may have your cetritors cuss.
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 The Dancing Flame

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PostSubject: The Dancing Flame   Tue Mar 22, 2011 6:15 am

Ray Archer
Eye's: dark brown almost black.
Face: High cheek bones, straight regular nose, medium height, lightly built.
Age: 18
Hair: Dark brown,
He is: smart, quiet, keep's to himself, tries to not get into trouble.

Color-Firey red chestnut, burn's like liqued fire when standing in the sun.
breed-Spanish Arabian
Gendure: Stallion
Post:Lead stallion
Persanality- Equle of Shetan, handsome, and brave.


The show ring at first was dark and as the light flashed on and it's intinsive heat hite the center of the ring a low drum roll could be heard but barley. Suddenly there was a loud crash of symbl's and a red stallion galloped into the ring. His main and tail flowing thick and long but the wind whiped theme back. He stoped in the center of then ring to rear. His front leg's thrashed out over and over. The audiance could barley see the young rider in black riding the red stallion bare back. His hand's clutched the stallion's main and his long leg's wraped around the belly of the stallion. He had perfect balance such horseman ship was rare. But both kept there mind's on the task at hand. The large stallion came back down to trot around the ring the light followed him. As he came to a plunging stop he dug his hind leg's in the soft arena dirt and started to spin (they do that in free reaining to) On cue the stallion came to a amediat stop. As he leaped into a full gallope the audiance was on it's feet. The loud and exsiting music went with evrey move horse and rider made. Ray slid his hand higher up the stallion's neck and the stallion took a right. He was slanted as he turned and his tempo changed to a slower pase. As they stopped in the center of the ring Ray pushed his hand's up higher on the stallion's neck. They went into the air the stallion's leg's trashing out once more. Hie neck arched and head tossing. He whinneyd and then exited the ring-

(please reply)
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The Dancing Flame
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