Wild to the beat is a human-horse-Fantasy horse rpg you may have as many ceritors as you wish and this is a NO CUSSING SITE IF TALKING TO ANOTHER PLAYER you may have your cetritors cuss.
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 My human character's

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PostSubject: My human character's   Wed Mar 16, 2011 10:30 am

Ray Archer
Eye's: dark brown almost black.
Face: High cheek bones, straight regular nose, medium height, lightly built.
Age: 18
Hair: Dark brown,
He is: smart, quiet, keep's to himself, tries to not get into trouble.

Riley Ford
Face: high cheek bones, regular nose, medium hieght, lightly biult, slim small waist, strong back and shoulder's.
Hair: Redish brown, regular hair style
He is:smart, try's to make people laugh, crazy or lives the fun life, loves any kind of music, and loyal to freind's.

(Ray and Riley know each other and a freind's)

Name Alex

Age: 18
Eye's: blue
Look's: medium hieght, slim, very light weight, athletic and smart, sweet and caring.
She has brown hair that goes past her waist.

(could not find a picture that went with her discription)

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PostSubject: Re: My human character's   Mon Mar 21, 2011 5:52 am


Color-Firey red chestnut, burn's like liqued fire when standing in the sun.
breed-Spanish Arabian
Gendure: Stallion
Post:Lead stallion
Persanality- Equle of Shetan, handsome, and brave.

SHETAN (means devil in Arabic)
Eye's-brown almost black
Breed-Arbian stallion.
Persanality- He love's to run and run to win. Will help any one in need of his help. Does not like a pushy stallion. And is not all talk and no action. He is the action.


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My human character's
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