Wild to the beat is a human-horse-Fantasy horse rpg you may have as many ceritors as you wish and this is a NO CUSSING SITE IF TALKING TO ANOTHER PLAYER you may have your cetritors cuss.
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 RULES!:D (You must reed)

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PostSubject: RULES!:D (You must reed)   Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:55 am

(Ok you may know me as wild one from horse island.com)
*Please no cussing unless you keep it to a minimum and do not call other players a cuss word

*Mares must be 3 to breed.

*Studs can force a 2 year old mare but not a 1.
*Can breed at age 2 and may have a heard.
*They may create a Batchelor heard that goes around forcing mares.
*Can breed at age 2 and if they have a heard they may breed all the mares if lead stud.
*They may create a Batchelor heard.

*Please get along.
*AND HAVE FUN! Very Happy
(I know some rules may be hard to follow but please try and sorry about the babyish rules.)
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RULES!:D (You must reed)
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